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"Little backstory- I was driving around 8 at night when I hit a horse that was in the middle of the road. I was in a 2008 Mini Cooper with not so good headlights. I flipped over 3 times landing on my roof. I was totally destroyed by this car accident back in September 2022. Here I am back to playing with my kids , working out and in the process of starting a new business. I’m truly thankful for not only the amazing chiropractor who actually listens to your problems and what hurts instead of just cracking you and walking out and onto the next patient, but the amazing ladys who are always happy and boosting your spirits. Greater health is just an all-around great environment. This place is truly what you need in your recovery. Mind, body and Spirit."

Lisa B.

"All the staff at this business is amazing, Jennifer at the front desk is always courteous and super helpful."

Patrick L.

"They always are super friendly and accommodating. They really take good care of me and personalize service for what I need."

Ashlie D.

"Great place with an even better staff! They were able to get my back fixed up when other chiropractors just made it worse. Will always recommend them to anyone."

Will R.

"I've been going to Dr. Tessman for years. I always leave feeling 100 times better then when I went in. Thank you Dr Tessman."

Randy R.

"Best people I know.. saved me from neck surgery.. carpal tunnel surgery ..and helping manage pain ...go see them I have seen Dr tessman for 12 years ..wonderful people."

Debbie T.

"Dr. Tessman is a very caring and kind Dr. He takes all the time you need for questions and makes sure you understand what is going on with you. His staff, also very kind. Everyone makes you feel at ease. NEVER rushing around and making you feel like just a number."

Elaine W.

"I've had problems with my low back for years with muscle spasms in my legs. Dr. Tessman and his staff help me avoid prescription drugs by addressing the root cause instead of just medicating the symptoms. They are wonderful people doing wonderful things, and I'm so thankful I heard about them!"

Stacy G.

"Been seeing Dr. Tessman for 3 months now since a wreck I had on February 23rd. His upbeat attitude keeps me motivated even though some days I am hurting so bad I can't stretch. He has the sweetest ladies as staff. They are so sweet. I've gotten close to them. They treat you like family there."

Angel L.

"Been helped by Dr. Tessman many years. I am thankful for how God has gifted him, and how much better I am doing because of his help to this day!"

Becky H.

"My neck has been hurting for days and I've been procrastinating going to the chiropractor. Well I couldn't wait any longer so I found this place on Apple Maps and called. They were able to get me in immediately! Which never happens anywhere else. Everyone is so nice and the chiropractor was amazing! I feel so much better and so thankful for an amazing experience!"

Melissa E.

"Dr. Tessman and staff are great people. Great environment...The treatments have helped me tremendously."

Beatrice L.

"I went from pain off the charts to almost no pain. God used Dr. Tessman to heal my back. Dr. Tessman is great and his staff is awesome. Thank you."

Cathey C.

"Dr. Tessman helped me in ONE visit enough to be able to get upright and walking again. He has an excellent bedside manner, takes his time, explains what the issue is, and what the best course of action might be. He is a very rare breed of Dr that really wants to help his patients and not milk them for every dollar. I can't say enough nice things about him and his staff."

Danielle A.

"I had struggles with periodic back pain for over 50 years and it was getting worse. Hip replacement surgery had left me still and inflexible to the point I was staggering and losing my balance and even had trouble getting my socks on. Dr. Glen Tessman treated me with spinal decompression and I rapidly began seeing improvement. A few hours a week receiving relaxing treatments has returned mobility and now I can dress myself!"

Joe H.


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